Congratulations! You've decided to take the plunge and publish your book / e-book. Welcome to the indie revolution!

Have you spent countless hours though trying to work out the best publishing path for your book / e-book? Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing (DIYP) brings transparency to publishing - giving you their professional opinion on the most appropriate path for you to follow. It is not a one size fits all site.

Everyone has an opinion about various book printing companies but very little is available that guides you to choose your publishing path wisely - we freely give you information to make an INFORMED decision. We offer services, and packages to help you to undertake TRUE self-publishing / indie publishing ...

Where YOU ... the AUTHOR ... become an AUTHOR/PUBLISHER.


It is an honour to be an authorised author services provider for Lightning Source & Ingram Spark  Australia given our long relationship and publishing expertise since 2005.(Only 3 companies chosen - testimonial).

Firstly, this website only includes information on companies where the author retains 100% of rights and a high percentage of royalties. There is absolutely no reason why you should be giving away a high percentage of your hard earned royalties (i.e. to vanity presses) if you are computer literate.  READ OUR FREE BOOKLET TO FIND OUT MORE.  or our STEP by STEP SELF PUBLISHING CHECKLIST.  Many organisations will offer their free books in order to capture your email details (that's business) - Unfortunately, there's a downside, you may be constantly harrassed by email / phone until you relent (a tactic quite common with vanity publishers).  We don't believe in stand-over or unethical business practices - we allow you to buy from us if or when you need to. We touch base as a courtesy but never to spam and harrass - we support you if and when you are ready.  Before you continue reading this site, please go to our testimonial page and read what authors have to say about who we are.

Our site will guide you to the most appropriate e-book aggregrators / self-publishing company / or suggest you set up as a micro publisher. Until then we suggest you visit all areas of this website for FREE tools along the way. Our Services page will give you an overiew of what we can offer and the rest of the site will educate you on options.

Every author's dream for their book is different. Deciding which path to follow with your manuscript can take months of research. Without due diligence, unwary authors are getting caught with kickback systems, vanity, subsidy, co-operative, joint venture, etc. operators and even vanity publishers disguised as trade publishers. They all make money from inflated publishing packages, high royalties and overpriced author book purchases.

With some of our resources /quick guide charts you will be able to make an informed decision and save yourself time, money and be well on your way to publishing soon. The guide is in two sections E-Books and Printed Books. We can also offer our assistance - if required - either as a PACKAGE (SEE HELP under headings) or individual services (setting you up as the publisher).

We are able to offer you the new publishing era of ‘Print on Demand' which enables writers to publish without having to spend tens of thousands on printing thousands of books. Should you wish to traditional print (in bulk) we can guide you with this too. If you need assistance, we have consultancy services to help you through the self publishing process, should you choose to go it alone.

We believe that writing and publishing a book is an extraordinarily personal experience. We know this because we've been involved with the publishing industry for over 16 years and the industry has changed significantly during this time. By relying on our publishing, guide and services, should you need them, you can achieve your goals and explore the new opportunities that await you as a published author.

We know that each author has distinctive and important needs during the production, promotion and sale of their book. Our experience as a TRADE Publisher (Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers), ASSISTED SELF-PUBLISHING (MBS Press) or SELF PUBLISHING (this site) demonstrates our professionalism and our commitment to our authors (just read our testimonials).

Don't hesitate to contact us ... there is always a person here to talk to you. Please contact us with any enquires or we are happy to return your call or Skype when convenient.

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